The-Dream seems to be taking a page out of The Weeknd’s book and has released a high end free mixtape under his real name Terius Nash1977 is less than an album and more of a thought process, as if The-Dream is trying out some new flows or content.  I like The-Dream but I am not a diehard fan so I’m not familiar with his whole library, but based on what I have listened to, Terius Nash has a darker side then The-Dream does.  The beats aren’t as poppy and there is an undertone of ignorant heartbreak throughout. 

Even though the mixtape doesn’t flow like an album it doesn’t necessarily feel broken or distorted; it works in a strange way.  The opening track “Wake Me When It’s Over” does not spark the best of moods but “Ghetto feat. Big Sean” is definitely a jam.  1977 tends to flip-flop but it’s a well done mixtape and definitely worth checking out. 

Download the mixtape directly from the artist at:


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