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As an artist, Teebs creates the morning and bright day that precedes the nocturnal sound of many of the other artists on the Brainfeeder roster.

Ardour, the latest album by Teebs, is the musical equivalent of sticking your head in a blender full of chimes, but in a good way. Teebs creates a musical landscape full of sparkling samples and heavy bass kicks while putting mesmerizing melodies over interesting rhythms.


Definitely a heady album, with this one Teebs seems to focus on creating thick textures that surround the listener while suspending melodies that pulsate with the beat. Most of the tracks on this LP seem to follow the same style and create an overall sound to the album, although this can be a downside in some ways. Because of the fact that all the songs flow into each other and many have similar sounds, this album becomes a joy to listen to as a whole but with few songs that really stick out on their own.

Some of the stronger tracks off this album include “Wind Loop”, “Arthur’s Birds”, and “Bern Rhythm”. “Wind Loop” is a good synopsis of the album as a whole, with the main chiming melodies placed over a dense background of strings, samples, and snaps. “Arthur’s Bird’s” seems to be the main focus of the album, being the longest song presented, which starts off with a low humming before the signature high twinkling melodies and thumping bass come in. “Bern Rhythm” is one of my personal favorite tracks featuring the familiar stylistic choices set over strummed guitar, but without the pulsating bass which can become overwhelming in many of the tracks.

Overall, this album shows an artist who has a unique sound and some strong style but is lacking in songs that will really stand out in your head. Nonetheless, this album is a beautiful trip through modern electronic music and is an enjoyable listen the whole way through. Any fans of heady electronic and ambient music will find this album a solid and interesting listen, and I would recommend it for the sole fact that Teebs has a very unique style that sounds unlike most other electronic artists out there today.With his individual voice, Teebs is looking like a promising electronic artist to watch in the future.


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Ardour - Teebs

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